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  1. Team Irrespective of project size I believe in working as a team. We are a team of highly qualified engineers with each specializing in their own field like designing, testing and development.Working in a team ensures the work is not affected in case of any eventuality of any of team member. This guarantees timely delivery.
  2. Perfect commitment – Setting the expectations right. The estimates are provided with effective evaluation of the needs and efforts required for quality delivery of the same. The timelines do not change just to please the customer. Special cases are taken care of by adding to the capacity but never at the cost of quality.
  3.  Communication – Key to Success. For any project to succeed it is important to understand the customer needs and their pain points. We understand this will require regular communication and I believe in communicating with each of the stakeholders to get first hand understanding of the requirements. Q n A is an important part of our requirements gathering process and if you choose me – be prepared to be bugged with a lot of queries around your business needs.
  4. Happy Customers = Long term commitment – We believe in word of mouth publicity and look for satisfied customers to act as references as well as refer us to their associates to help us grow our business.
    I can assure you that having worked with us you would be more than happy to work with us again and use us as your go-to team for continuous work and also share our details with your friends and associates in your field.
  5. Change Requirements – Designing software to Customer Satisfaction.We follow Agile methodology of development with short sprint cycles of 1 week. We understand that as the software shapes up the user may better understand how the software works and may require some small tweaks to make it work to satisfaction. Such small tweaks are often accepted and incorporated within the application design. However any request for a new feature or anything that requires extensive design change would be considered a Change request and handled in the next sprint and chargeable.
  6. Good work – Quality comes at a price. I believe that a partnership works only when the needs of both parties are mutually respected by either parties. From my side I ensure quality delivery with highly skilled resources and would require the other party to reciprocate with timely payments to sustain the relationship.
  7. Code Quality – while solutions designed using quick and dirty code may also return the same results in the short term, maintaining and extending such code in future is extremely difficult. Most often such code results in a one-time use with no scope of re-usability. While such code may cost you less to begin with the cost in the longer run would be much higher when compared to a quality code designed per the best of industry standards with a higher investment upfront but a low cost on maintenance. The decision is yours to make but if I am your chosen partner be assured of easily maintainable code frameworks being delivered.Looking forward to hear from you. Have a great time ahead.

“Looking forward to hear from you. Have a great time ahead.”

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