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Why JavaScript is in demand?

In all my trainings, very first question I face is, Why all of the sudden angular is in demand? Why JavaScript frameworks become so much important all of the sudden? Let me put some light onto it. Today, we are moving towards cloud, where we will be charged based on how much we utilize server

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What is ViewModel in MVC?

People usually get scared and confused when they hear the word View Model in MVC. View Model is a hidden layer in ASP.NET MVC applications. View Model is not a part of MVC. It’s something brought up by community for maintaining SOC. SOC –Separation of concerns – It means everyone will do only that which

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Understanding TempData in detail

What is TempData? Tempdata let us maintain data within single request cycle Example: publicActionResult M1() { TempData[“a”] = “Value”; string s = TempData[“a”].ToString(); returnRedirectToAction(“M2”); } publicActionResult M2() { string s = TempData[“a”].ToString(); // Data will be available returnRedirectToAction(“M3”); } publicActionResult M3() { string s = TempData[“a”].ToString(); // Data will be available returnview (“Some View”); //

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