Learn MVC Project in 7 Days – Book

Key features of the book

  • The best way to learn MVC is by doing a project. In this book I have taken a simple employee screen and then went step by step learn_mvc_project_in_7_days_6_achieving the same.
  • 37 hands on lab step by step explained in a detailed manner.
  • When it comes to developing MVC application, jQuery is an extremely important component. Around to 5 to 6 labs are dedicated to jQuery.
  • Gone are those days of using ADO.NET to connect to database. In professional project developers use ORM technologies like Entity Framework (EF). This book uses EF whenever there is a need of database communication.
  • A detailed practical and theoretical explanation on each topic in very simple words.
  • Demonstration on Single page application using Asp.Net MVC.
  • Introduction to Web API and Angular JS.
  • The DVD is the best part of the book. It has source code of each day and free Videos on Asp.Net MVC. Free videos of Asp.Net MVC would help you to kick start learning MVC.
  • Most importantly, it will make you confident for Asp.Net MVC interviews.

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